Get ready for the beach with the iconic Sundek sea boxer

Born in California in the 1960s and today leader in the Mediterranean beachwear, Sundek has been relaunched and is available all over the world.
Find out our iconic sea boxer collection and get ready for summer!

Iconic Sundek beach boxer, now made in Italy.

Sundek has been producing high quality beach boxers since the 1960s and the brand has improved over time.Sure that these shorts are loved by swimmers around the world.Now produced in Italy, Sundek continues to establish the standard for your beach clothing.

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Live sea fashion like never before

Sundek offers high quality fabrics and lively design that will make you stand out on any beach.Embrace the Californian spirit and enjoy the sun, sand and the sea with style.With a wide range of colors and models to choose from, you can find the perfect couple for your next adventure.Why settle for ordinary beach clothing when can you try the Sundek experience?

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Get ready to summer with comfort and duration

Sunday has been a beachwear icon for over 50 years, and for a good reason.Our beach boxers are designed for a comfortable and functional fit that will last all summer.That you are relaxing on the sand or you are diving into the waves, Sundek covers you.Join the countless customers satisfied all over the world that rely on our quality and our style.

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Try the prestige of a world -renowned brand

Sundek is a brand loved for generations, with a rich story that began in California and now extended to the whole world.With 35 single -brand stores and the distribution in 1,500 multi -brand stores all over the world, you can experiment with the prestige of a world -renowned brand everywhere analized.Let yourself be noticed with Sundek's quality sea fashion.

Sperimentate l'iconico stile californiano con Sundek

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